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The results of work for 2018 year have been summed up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Please accept our warmest greetings for Christmas and New Year 2019!

March 2018
MIR Trade AG is planning to make a first transshipment at new terminal facilities of Kaliningradskaya Railway in March. The process of coal transshipment to the railcars with narrow wheel track on the territory of Kaliningradskiy region will allow to enhance considerably the volumes of transportation through railway borders of Poland – say the administration of Kaliningrad and cargo owners.

February 2018
A new agreement of direct coal transshipment from the railcars with wide wheel track (1520 mm) to railcars with European wheel track (1435 mm) was achieved between MIR Trade AG and Kaliningradskaya Railway. This transshipment will be performed at coal terminal Dzerjinskaya-Novaya station and in perspective at Cherniahovskaya KLG station with the next consignation of coal to Poland.

Happy New Year! Merry Christmas!
MirTrade AG Company wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

MIR Trade AG is represented in the Internet by only website:
There is a number of websites in the Internet which replicate the corporate appearance of MIR Trade AG, its company name or its particular parts. The probable purpose of such websites could be the illegal usage of business reputation of MIR Trade AG to mislead the visitors as if the owners of such websites are authorized by MIR Trade AG to provide services they offer.

Deterioration of weather conditions in Azov Sea area
By the end of November there is a significant deterioration of weather conditions in Azov Sea area.

MIR Trade AG considerably increases the volumes of shipments to Turkey
Due to the beginning of heating season the coal purchases of Turkish wholesale importers from Russian suppliers revived considerably.

MIR Trade AG considerably increases the volumes of shipments to Ukraine
In 2016 the Company is planning to reach the level of sales 700 000 mt in this destination.

MIR Trade AG increases volumes of shipments to Poland
In 2016 the Сompany is planning to reach volume up to 930 000 mt of exporting coal to Poland trough the border points.

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