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MIR Trade AG is represented in the Internet by only website:

Dear partners of MIR Trade AG and visitors!
There is a number of websites in the Internet which replicate the corporate appearance of MIR Trade AG, its company name or its particular parts.
The probable purpose of such websites could be the illegal usage of business reputation of MIR Trade AG to mislead the visitors as if the owners of such websites are authorized by MIR Trade AG to provide services they offer.
Hereby officially affirmed: MIR Trade AG is represented in the Internet by only website: E-mails from MIR Trade AG could be sent only from the following authorized domains:, and
Any other websites having domain name “mirtrade” or its parts have no bearing directly or indirectly to MIR Trade AG. The webpages abovementioned do not represent any affiliates, agents or subsidiaries of MIR Trade AG, do not belong to MIR Trade AG and are not in any way managed by MIR Trade AG.
The following websites are noticed to meet the description as set forth above:
In view of the foregoing, all partners of MIR Trade AG and visitors are kindly advised to take reasonable care regarding the websites meeting the criteria mentioned above. In the event of visiting the website as described you are advised not take any steps including but not limited to: sign in or register, provide any data or facts, send any documents or files related to MIR Trade AG or related to your business as well as commercial activities with MIR Trade AG.
MIR Trade AG is bears no responsibility and shall not be liable for any damages or losses could arise along the breach of recommendations given above.


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