Production of coal
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Coal deliveries via sea

Nowardays 90% of coal deliveries of MIR Trade AG are via sea, mainly on CIF/DAP terms. Every day a vessel chartered for transportation of our coal arrives in one of the ports. Such an approach to supplies gives us a possibility to use stockyards at the port and supervise the term of  delivery to a buyer with more efficiency.
Owing to long-term partnership with the largest and most modern ports of the Black and Baltic seas of Japan, MIR Trade AG is capable to deliver coal almost to any consumer in Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Besides, with the aim of opening up of new markets and increasing of coal volumes our company is establishing cooperation with other ports which are opportune to deliveries’ realization. Steam coal supplied by MIR Trade AG is traditionally much in demand by power plants, Our clients are the largest energy and metallurgical companies in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, South and Central America, USA and Asia, which highly value the  quality of the coal delivered by MIR Trade AG.
With the help of the leading international surveyors we have a careful and constant control over the quality of our coal.
The quality control and supervision begins at the mine, goes on during transshipment at the port and prior to loading aboard a vessel, and finishes at the port of discharge or at the stockyard of the customer. If even a slight deviation in quality from contract norms occurs our company is seeking the reason of such deviations and immediately eliminates it.

Baltic region
Starting from the year 2002 our company is strengthening its position in the Baltic market. At present time, we deliver to our customers more than 1.000.000 mt of qualitative coal the Baltic parts per month.
The coal transshipment is effected via ports: Riga (Latvia), Ventspils (Latvia). The main characteristics of these ports you may find on the map. From these ports the coal is delivered to such countries as Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Finland, Italy, Spain and others.
In 2019 our company is planning to sell via the Baltic ports over 15 million mt of coal with high and medium content of volatile matter.

The Black Sea
MIR Trade AG has been delivering coal via the ports of the Black and Azov seas from the beginning of its business activities. Almost 100% of the sized coal and 15% of steam coal is delivered by our company via these ports to Turkey, Italy, Israel, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and others.
Nowadays the coal transshipment is effected via the ports of  Yeisk (Russia), Rostov (Russia), Kavkaz (Russia), Temryuk (Russia). The characteristics of these ports are indicated in the map which you may find below.
In 2019 we plan to increase the volumes of sales volumes at Black Sea region up to the level of 4.5 million tons including 1.5 million tons of sized coal.

Far East region
Entering the market of Asia-Pacific region was a logical consequence of our company's sales increase. Starting shipments only in December 2012, our company exported over 3 million during 2017 year. Transshipment of our coal is carried out via the following terminals: mainly VUT (Russia), Nakhodka (Russia), Vanino (Russia). Due to the high quality of our coal our main customers are energy, cement and chemical companies in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.
Plan for 2019 - export 5 million ton.

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