Production of coal
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Sized coal (house heating coal)

Medium and Low Volatiles Sized coal (house heating coal and technology)
Nowadays one of the components of our coal deliveries is sized coal which makes 10% of the coal sold by our company.
Sized coal exported by MIR Trade AG is represented by washed and unwashed SSPK grades (50–200 mm).
Medium Volatiles Washed SSPK grade has such advantages as the content of large fractions, high NCV (up to 7900 kcal/kg) and optimal Hardgrove index, low ash and moisture contents, almost absolute absence of sulphur and toxic elements. Besides, this coal is homogeneous in size without non-coal contamination. All the above mentioned characteristics can qualify the sized coal exported by our company as the coal of very high quality.
The share of the sized coal deliveries to the Turkish market amounts to 85% of the whole sized coal sold by our company. This coal grade is used in Turkey by households for heating purposes. So the Turkish market is a strategic market for the coal supplied by MIR Trade AG.
During last years our company has been one of the three largest coal suppliers to the Turkish market and now continues to strengthen its positions.
Low Volatiles coal is supplied mainly to Asian market mainly for greenhouses and for the calcination of limestone.

Washed house heating coal size 50-200 mm

Proximate Analysis (Typical)
Moisture, % 3,5-9,5
Ash, % 5,0-9,0
Sulphur, % 0,22-0,4
Volatiles, % 19-24
NCV, kcal/kg 7100
Ultimate Analyses (Typical)
Carbon, db % (ISO 609-1996E) 78
Hydrogen, db % (ISO 609-1996E) 4
Nitrogen, db % (ISO 332-1981 E) 1,9
Oxygen, db % (Bydifference) 4,1
Fluorine, ppm (ASTM 3761) 97
Boron, ppm 23
Chlorine, db % 0,02
Full Ash Analysis % (Typical)(ASTM D2795-95)
Silicium as SiO2 61,4 
Aluminium as Al2O3  22,1
Iron as Fe2O3  8,8
Titanium as TiO2  0,8
Calcium as CaO  1,8
Magnesium as MgO  1,5
Sodium as Na2O  0,4
Potassium as K2O  2
Sulphate as SO3  0,67
Phosphorus as P2O5  0,1
Others, %  0,43
Ash Fusion Temperature oC (ASTM D 1857-87 reducing atmosphere)
Initial deformation (T1) 1240
Softening point (T2) 1270
Hemispherical point (T3) 1310
Fluid point (T4) 1360


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